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Marmoset Toolbag by 8monkey Labs 3D Coat

Werewolf by Luke Church

This is Luke Church’s interpretation of a classic creature archetype, the werewolf. Although he doesn’t stray extremely far from the traditional look of a werewolf, Luke worked to incorporate the body shapes seen in primates to convey a more savage, agile appearance. Also notice how the top-heavy body shape indicates a lot of raw power from the creature.

If you’d like to learn more about how to maximize the effectiveness of your creature and character designs, sign up for Digital Character and Creature Design with Luke Church. It’s ten weeks of live lectures with an experienced concept artist, where you can ask questions, have your work critiqued, and watch amazing concept art come to life before your eyes. Be sure to register before March 23 and save $50 off tuition.

Digital Character and Creature Design

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