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Chiyo Lai
Environment Artist, Propaganda Games

Courses: Real-Time Environments with Unreal Engine



Chiyo Lai has built worlds ranging from lush jungles, gritty military compounds, to fantastic futuristic cities. He studied at the Art Institute of Vancouver, and shortfly afterwards began his professional career work at Radical Entertainment. Afterwards he made a stop at Electronic Arts, where he worked on multiple titles including Def Jam: Fight for NY and SSX on Tour. Chiyo then moved on to become a environment artist at Propaganda Games, where he helped create the worlds seen in the titles Turok and Tron: Evolution. In the past, Chiyo has also lent his talents as a student mentor at Vancouver Film School.


What people say about Chiyo

“Chiyo’s dedication to his work is only matched by his incredible talent – whether it be creating awesome looking models or realistic textures. Chiyo is also a friendly and approachable guy, and is great to work with.” – Brad Hines, Level Designer, Propaganda Games

“Chiyo is a smart guy. He knows technical constraints and limitations. He knows how to push those to get better results. Chiyo was the master of our shaders on our project. He also helped out with managing outsourcing assets, providing feedback to vendors, and creating examples for them to follow. He is a well rounded artist that can fill many roles. He’s a great asset to the art team.” – Jamie McNulty, Lead Lighter/Lead Level Artist, Disney Interactive Studios / Propaganda Games


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