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Creature Creation Using 3ds Max and Mudbox

Instructor: Jesse Sandifer
Scheduled starting date: February 29th, 2012 *
Time: TBA *
Length: 8 weeks
Price: $449.00
Registration for this course is open until February 25nd.
Do you have any questions? Please consult our FAQ.

The registration for this term has closed. If you would like to be put on our waiting list for this course, please contact us. We will contact you when registration for this course reopens.

*Times and dates may be subject to change. If you would like to be informed of any updates to the course schedule or enrollment period, please contact us and give us your contact information.

Creature Creation using 3DS Max and Mudbox with Jesse Sandifer

Prerequisites:  Basic exposure to 3d applications.

Required Tools: Wacom Tablet, Mudbox 2012, 3ds Max or similar 3d package, Vray or similar lighting package, Photoshop.

Course Overview: This course is designed to provide students a basic familiarity of the Mudbox environment, and will cover sculpting and painting techniques that will provide a solid asset to bring over to 3ds Max/Vray and create a final illustration. The class will include live demos and feedback will be given via paintovers and modeling over student work. Homework will be given after each class, and students are expected to show progress for a weekly review.

Week 1: Interface and Navigation

  • Introduction to Mudbox and the instructor
  • What is Mudbox and what is it used for?
  • General menu options overview
  • Hotkeys
  • Pop-up menu navigation
  • Layers/object list/viewport filters
  • Create>Mesh types
  • Base mesh generation using external 3d app
  • Importing and exporting files/types
  • Object/scene interaction
  • Creating cameras
  • Image planes
  • Creating lights

Week 2: Beginning the creature in Mudbox

  • Sculpt Tools overview
  • Using default and custom stamps/stencils/vdms/falloff
  • Using steady stroke
  • Symmetry vs. asymmetry
  • Sculpting layers
  • Doodling vs. focused sculpting
  • Learning patience in sculpting
  • Humans vs. creatures
  • Sculpt creature head
  • Character design/concept principles (how to make it interesting)

Week 3: Creating the rest of the body

  • Getting the body started (using 3ds Max for help)
  • Anatomy knowledge (is it important?)
  • Sculpting techniques for the blocking and refining stages (preventing lumpy sculpts)
  • Implementing design features
  • Giving weight to the character
  • Preparing surface for finer details

Week 4: Refining & Detailing

  • Sculpting techniques for the details stage
  • Basic approach to doing folds and major wrinkles
  • Enhancing design features
  • Where to add details
  • Avoiding overdetailing
  • Using stamps/stencils
  • When to add pores/wrinkles

Week 5: Critique 2

  • Setting up Uvs in 3ds Max using pelt techniques
  • Paint Tools overview in Mudbox
  • Color pickers
  • Power of Layers
  • Blend modes
  • Importing/exporting layers between Mudbox/Photoshop
  • Adjusting hue/saturation/value/curves
  • UV View
  • Import UVs
  • Flatten to UV space
  • Image Browser

Week 6: From Mudbox to 3ds Max

  • Generating displacement maps in Mudbox
  • Sculpting using Displacement maps
  • Setting up Displacement modifiers in 3ds Max side
  • Creating camera options and composition basics
  • Setting up a simple backdrop in 3ds Max

Week 7: Rendering the creature in 3ds Max with Vray

  • Creating lights
  • Setting up Vray shaders
  • Creating the base render (what’s good enough)
  • Creating render passes using Vray (what kind?)

Week 8: Compositing the final illustration in Photoshop

  • Adjusting/compositing renders in Photoshop
  • When to use render passes vs. handpainting
  • Color correction
  • Establishing mood
  • Where to keep the viewer’s focus

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