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Digital Environment Design / 2D Matte Painting

Instructor: Geoff Taylor
Scheduled starting date: February 2012 *
Time: TBA *
Length: 8 weeks
Price: $449.00
Registration for this course is open until January 31st.
Do you have any questions? Please consult our FAQ.

The registration for this term has closed. If you would like to be put on our waiting list for this course, please contact us. We will contact you when registration for this course reopens.

*Times and dates may be subject to change. If you would like to be informed of any updates to the course schedule or enrollment period, please contact us and give us your contact information.

Prerequisites: A solid 2d art foundation (perspective and observational drawing skills), and at least an intermediate understanding of photoshop. (portfolio review required)

Required Tools: Tablet and Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher

Course Overview: Students will undergo an eight week process to create a high quality environmental production sketch/ 2d matte painting. Students will be provided with weekly feedback and demonstrations of each stage of production- starting with reference gathering and basic thumbnail sketches, and building towards a highly detailed photo realistic visualization of their concept

Week 1: Overview of successful Image making

  • Analysis of master work
  • Lecture: Reference gathering process & Creating a visual narrative- how to translate a written concept into visual artwork
  • Assigned: reference scroll

Week 2: Thumbnails

  • Review of reference material
  • Demo of thumbnail process
  • Lecture: understanding the importance of preliminary sketches- how to tell a story through composition, light and shape
  • Assigned: 8 greyscale thumbnails

Week 3: Critique 1

  • Critique of thumbnails
  • Student work will be painted over and corrected

Lecture: Translating greyscale into colour. How to choose a palette. How light dictates a palette

Week 4: Colour Comps

  • Demo of colour comp process
  • Lecture: Mood, Atmosphere & Colour theory
  • Assigned: 2 colour comps

Week 5: Critique 2

  • Critique of colour comps
  • Student work will be painted over and corrected
  • Lecture: defining the concept, the importance of refined sketches to clarify the structure and design of various assets
  • Assigned: Sketches of required assets (amount and complexity will vary depending on each student’s concept)

Week 6: Critique 3

  • Critique of asset sketches
  • Student work will be painted over and corrected
  • Lecture: preparing for the final: elaborating on reference material and honing in on your visual target

Week 7: Workshop

  • Demo: painting to a refined level. Students will be shown tips and tricks for rendering
  • Feedback on student progress

Week 8: Workshop 2

  • Demo: texturing and polishing. Students will be shown a variety of matte painting techniques to create convincing textures and lighting
  • Feedback on Student progress

Final Critique

  • Critique of final images
  • Students work will be painted over and adjusted to achieve the highest possible level of visual quality
  • Once the final image is submitted- the student will be provided with a detailed written report outlining the successes of the painting and how to improve further.

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